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young woman bonding with elephant at hug elephant sanctuary
If there’s one animal that comes to mind when you first hear or read the word “Thailand,” it’s the elephant. So it’s no surprise that ethical elephant sanctuaries are some of the most anticipated activities for travelers visiting Southeast Asia. With over 70 elephant camps in Thailand and the majority of these located in the North, you may feel like you are spoilt for choice.
king and queen pagodas at doi inthanon national park
A highlight of the North, Doi Inthanon National Park is home to the highest point in Thailand, peaking at 2,565 metres above sea level. Scores of visitors flock to the park every year to enjoy its stunning waterfalls and scenic hiking trails, alongside epic jungle vistas, varied wildlife, and its charming cultural and historical significance.
trekking through rice paddy on doi inthanon
What’s amazing about Chiang Mai? It’s home to some spectacular outdoor activities where adventure seekers can hike lush trails, visit local Thai hill tribe villages, go rafting down the river and even ride elephants. If you’re looking for the best Chiang Mai trekking tour that encompasses these unforgettable activities, look no further.
See the beauty of Northern Thailand from the sky. Forget hiking through or bussing by, zipline in Chiang Mai to get a bird’s-eye perspective you’ll never forget! Dozens of different tour operators can help you zipline in Chiang Mai. Adventurers can get an adrenaline kick rappelling down cliffs. Nature lovers can zoom through the green leaves of […]
young woman bonding with elephant at knata elephant sanctuary
If you’re searching for the best one-day tours in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, look no further. Get ready to take in the surrounding sights and stimulate your senses with a private tour with Bon Voyage Thailand. Experience an unforgettable trip in Northern Thailand – the kind you’ve only ever dreamed about – with ease and convenience thanks to your own personal English speaking Thai tour guide and driver.
getting ready to cook authentic thai food
Thailand has really made a name for itself within Southeast Asia because of its national food. Dishes such as stir-fried pad Thai noodles, hot and sour tom yum soup, and creamy curries of yellow, green, or red hues have people falling in love with Thai cuisine after just one bite.
water gun fighting during songkran festival in chiang mai
Buckets of water splashing, super soakers squirting water, and people dressed in colorful clothing. What is it?! It’s Songkran, Thailand’s “Water Festival” that attracts millions of people every year to celebrate the wet and wild fun!
floating lanterns during yeepeng lantern international festival in chiang mai
Perhaps the most magical and most recognizable festival in the Land of Smiles is the Thailand Lantern Festival. Locally known as the Yee Peng Festival (Yi Peng Festival), this celebration is marked by the thousands of floating lanterns released into the night sky.
Yee Peng Lantern Floating in the Sky
Event Information Yeepeng Lanna International 2020 Time Activities  2.00 pm – 2.30 pm : Pick you up from the hotel/guesthouse3.00 pm – 3.30 pm : On the way to the event4:00 pm : Arrive at Lanna Dhutanga :Receive souvenir / Enjoy authentic Lanna Thai snacks, desserts and beveragesEnjoy seeing Lanna & hill tribe cultural exhibition […]
young girl feeding elephant sugarcane at elephant sanctuary
Chiang Mai, Thailand’s ‘Rose of the North’ is brimming with exciting things to do for vacationing families. Whether you have young children or teenagers, the incredible sites and activities in this exotic city will have your kids talking about their trip for years to come.
Thailand Packing List
Thailand has hot, humid weather all year round. However, there are some changes in temperature and rainfall depending on the time of year you visit. Here are our tips for packing light and efficiently no matter what time of year you vacation in Thailand. Hot Season Temperatures and humidity levels can reach soaring heights in […]
Thai Temple
Thai Buddhist temples are extraordinary masterpieces of architecture, art, and history. There are thousands all over the country, so there’s a good chance you’ll visit at least one during your travels. However, it’s important to know how to dress appropriately before visiting these holy places. Dress Modestly Men should not wear shorts, tank tops, or […]
white temple light festival
Chiang Rai’s famous White Temple, locally known as Wat Rong Khun, will open its doors to visitors after dusk for the first time ever and host the Wat Rong Khun Light Festival. Tickets are on sale now for the for this spectacular light and sound performance, which will be held every night from 22 November […]
golden buddha statues at doi suthep temple
If you’re coming to Thailand but looking for an alternative to Bangkok’s chaos and traffic-congested streets then go to Chiang Mai. Known as the ‘Rose of the North’, Chiang Mai is the second largest metropolitan area in Thailand after Bangkok and offers visitors a green city, quiet roads, and a more relaxed vibe.
10 Things to Do in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai has so many different activities to offer, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed! But fear not, here’s an easy list with suggestions for every type of tourist - from the historian, to the shopaholic, to the nature lover. There’s a great outing in store for you all in northern Thailand’s cultural epicenter.
sunday walking street market
Chiang Mai, a city that was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom in Thailand, is now a hotspot for backpackers looking to travel in style. The “Rose of the North” has it all: upscale food vendors serving up steaming bowls of curry and stir-fried noodles, an ever-growing wellness scene, and quirky craft beer bars and live music venues scattered among hip hostels and boutique guesthouses.
Top 5 Experiences in Chiang Mai
Though Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand after Bangkok, there a number of diverse things to do and amazing sights to see. It can be overwhelming to choose. If you only have a limited amount of time in Chiang Mai, here’s a list of the top 5 experiences.
man enjoying driving atv through nature
Chiang Mai is the perfect place for an off-road biking adventure. Safe, jungle trails weave high up into the mountains, giving you a chance to leave civilization behind and experience a side to the Thai countryside that you may not otherwise have seen.
What You Need to Know About Trekking in Chiang Mai
With jungle-covered mountains, unbelievable vistas and hidden hill tribe villages, trekking in Chiang Mai is a truly memorable experience.
Jungle Adventure & Homestays in Chiang Mai
Explore the Northern Thai hills with these unique tours, excursions and homestays in Chiang Mai.
Meet the hilltribes of Northern Thailand
Northern Thailand, and more specifically the area located between Chiang Rai, Pai and the Burmese border, is home to various ethnic minorities of different origins (Myanmar, China, Laos, Tibet, etc).
Buddhism and Temples in Chiang Mai
State religion in Thailand, Buddhism is practiced by nearly 95% of the population (the rest being Islamic, Christian, and anecdotally Taoist, Hinduist and Confucianist). It is indeed around the thirteenth century AD that ...
Check out the catfishes in Thailand!
Fishing in Northern Thailand is an absolutely amazing experience that all anglers should be able to experience at least once in their lives.
Kayaking in Chiang Mai
Have you ever wanted to simply get lost in an adventure? There’s no better place to do that than in Chiang Mai, the largest city in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai has a huge number of outdoor activities to appeal to the nature lovers in each of us, and one of the most exciting is hitting the water in a kayak. The kayaking opportunities in Chiang Mai are excellent, due to the abundance of rapids as well as lazy flowing rivers that crisscross the region.
Top 4 Thai Salads
If you want to eat light while traveling through Thailand, you’ll be delighted at the amount of salads available to you. Here’s the top 4: Number 1 Som Tam – Green Papaya Salad, Number 2 Yam Mamuang – Green Mango Salad, Number 3 Thai Cucumber Salad, Number 4 Pomelo Salad – Thai Grapefruit Salad
How To - Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang by Slow Boat
So many tourists use Chiang Mai as a jumping off point to explore the expanse of Asia that surrounds the region, from Chiang Mai the most popular destination is Luang Prabang Laos. The border town of Chiang Kong, where travelers go through immigration, is a short four-hour drive from Chiang Mai, and luckily for those explorers, we offer a service that makes your international travel a breeze.
Best Time to Visit Thailand
Well, any time is a great time – you shouldn’t let the season rhetoric get in the way of you and your vacation. Every part of the year will have both rewards and shortcomings and there are no givens that hold true 100% of the time when it comes to Thai weather.
Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Chiang Mai
1- Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi
If you desire to stay in the lap of luxury similar to a high end hotel you might find in San Francisco, Barcelona or Tokyo, look no further than the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi. This establishment has been situated on the Chao Phraya for more than a century, and was purchased by the hotel group in 1974 to be one of two flagship hotels of the chain. Mandarin Oriental is synonymous with high end luxury and the brand is known for amazing service and ammenties.
Spicy Fish Sauce - Nam-pla prik
Few things compliment Thai food like Nam-pla prik, the classic condiment you will see on almost every Thai table, whether at home or in a restaurant.It’s a spicy fish sauce that you can put on just about any dish! Thais use Nam-pla prik the same way Americans use salt – on everything! The delicious liquid gets its distinctive taste from garlic infused fish and ground chilies.
Bird Chili - Prik Kee Noo
It seems like tasty red chilies are in everything when it comes to the spicy side of Thai cuisine. “Prik Kee Noo,” called the Bird Chili in English, is one of the hot chilies that makes Thai food so tasty. The literal translation is mouse droppings chili – Prik translates to chili and Kee Noo translates to “mouse droppings.” It’s a pretty gross name for a chili, but it refers to the size of the chili – Bird Chilies are a tiny little things, but boy do they pack a spicy punch.
Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street Market
Tourists and locals agree, if you want to buy local Thai products, you want to head to the Sunday Walking Street Market. The market is in Old Town on Rachadamnoen Road, and might be the best place to find crafts, clothes, shoes, snacks, bath products, toys, art and just about anything you can think of. And best of all, the prices are so reasonable that you’ll want to take more than you can carry.
Durian the Reigning King of all Thai Fruit
In Thai, durian is called Tu Rian. And because it is a delicacy, durian prices are often high – but locals are well aware that it is worth spending for. During the durian season, typically May through August, you will certainly notice the fruit in the markets of Thailand – mainly due to the highly noticeable smell. Many describe the odor as a cross between something rotting or dirty laundry.
7 Reasons why Isaan Food is so Good
Restaurant Name : Toy Aahana Isaan - ต้อย อาหารอีสาน
Toy Aahana Isaan is located in the Night Bazar Area on the east side of the old city (map link). Its is a cute sized restaurant that is mostly frequented by local Thais.
Mountain Biking In Chiang Mai
If you love mountain biking, you’ll really enjoy an adventurous trip through the Thai mountain terrain via bike. There’s three levels to choose from: easy, intermediate and advanced. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, we can provide a fun and safe experience for you.
Doi Suthep Temple and Doi Pui Hmong Hilltribe Village
Chiang Mai locals and tourists alike cherish visiting the Doi Suthep Temple. The Theravada Buddhist temple’s full name is Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, and it is sacred to many Thais. Thought to be built in the 14th century, the temple holds many holy shrines – a great place to stop if you are a spiritual traveler.
One Day Trek in Mae Tang
Trekking through Thailand is a great way to see things that average tourists don’t get to. We pick you up at your hotel in the early morning, and take you to the Mae Taeng area for a day full of physical activities.
Chiang Dao Cave
Do you want a close look at Thailand’s people and culture? This tour is perfect for you. Join us to meet five local tribes from Northern Thailand and Myanmar as well as see important cultural locations: the Chiang Dao Cave and the Chiang Dao Temple.
Traditional Khantoke Dinner Experience
A traditional Lanna Khantoke Dinner and Cultural Show is a great way to spend a little quality time with your traveling partners. Food, fun and culture! Take in the wide array of music and colors of Thailand any night of the week with this nighttime tour. Dancing and performance are highly regarded cultural works – this is especially true in Thailand, where these performances have changed little throughout long history.
Kad Luang Market in Chiang Mai
Kad Luang, which means Great Market in the Northern Thai dialect, is the oldest and most well-known market in Chiang Mai. This year (2012) will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding. Everything from fresh flowers and fruit to kitchen supplies and household products to elephant print sarongs can be found. There is also an amazing selection of prepared and packaged Northern Thai food inside the main buildings and popular food stalls selling Thai street food outside the market.