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Best Chiang Mai Cooking Class & Food Tour

Best Chiang Mai Cooking Classes

Thailand’s culinary landscape is known throughout Southeast Asia thanks to its vibrant dishes. The fried Pad Thai noodles, spicy Tom Yum soup, and richly flavored yellow, green, and red curries have captivated many from the first taste.

In Chiang Mai, enjoying Thai cuisine becomes particularly appealing when you prepare it yourself. A cooking class isn’t just about learning recipes, but an intense experience. A friendly local chef will introduce you to the traditional ingredients and guide you step by step to prepare your own Thai dish. Ready to whet your appetite? Read on to discover our list of the best cooking classes in Chiang Mai.

Make your visit to Chiang Mai a unique culinary adventure.

Add an authentic touch to your stay in Chiang Mai by taking a Thai cooking class or joining a guided culinary tour. We’ll introduce you to the best Thai cooking schools in town, offering everything from half-day to full-day classes, including exploring local markets and scenic tours.

Discover culinary excellence with Bon Voyage Thailand’s cooking classes.

Half Or Full Day Grandma’s Home Cooking School

getting ready to cook authentic thai food

Grandma’s Home Cooking School offers a delicious and educational culinary journey in Chiang Mai. That’s what makes it so special:

  • Local Market Tour: Start with a visit to a local market full of fresh produce. Together with your English-speaking teacher, you’ll explore the stalls selling exotic fruit and vegetables.
  • Organic Farm Visit: Experience hands-on learning on an organic farm. Here you’ll pick herbs and collect fresh chicken eggs – the ingredients for your cooking course.
  • Open-Air Cooking: Enjoy the unique experience of cooking under the shelter of a traditional Thai pavilion.
  • Culinary Variety: Learn to prepare a range of Thai dishes, including soups, stir-fries, curries, and desserts. You’ll also master the art of preparing sticky rice, steamed rice, and a refreshing, non-alcoholic Thai iced drink.

In Grandma’s Home Cooking School, we delve into the heritage and health aspects of Thai cuisine. You’ll understand the importance of each ingredient and the traditional methods used to bring out their flavors.

Your adventure begins with an insightful trip to a local Thai market in the countryside. There, you’ll meet your teacher and immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and aromas of the market.

Next, step into the world of Grandma’s Home Cooking School. Wander through our organic farm and select the freshest ingredients for your course. Then, don your apron, choose your cooking station, and embark on your journey to cook authentic Thai dishes.

You have the option to learn three, four, or six dishes, depending on whether you choose a half-day morning, half-day afternoon, or full-day course. Consider how much you want to indulge, because the best part is enjoying the delicious Thai meal you’ve prepared!

Join us and cook traditional Thai recipes just like Grandma would have!

Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School – Half or Full Day

learning about tropical herbs and vegetables in kitchen garden

Highlights of this Thai cooking school include:

  • Cooking at their “In Town” or “At Farm” location (half or full day class)
  • Touring a local open-air produce market
  • Preparing Thailand’s tastiest curry, stir-fry, soup, and dessert
  • Getting a cookbook and access to the online photo album of the cooking class

At Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School, join us for a half day class (5 courses) or a full day class (7 courses) to learn the secrets of making Thailand’s most popular dishes. Choose from two kitchen locations: in the heart of Chiang Mai City or at an organic vegetable farm in the countryside.

After picking you up from your guesthouse, your English-speaking instructor will take you to a local Thai market. There you’ll learn about the fresh herbs and tropical produce used in Thai recipes and shop for your ingredients. Nibble on some Thai snacks while you’re there and then ride to the cooking school and get ready for some slicing and dicing!

After you’ve arrived at the cooking school, grab an apron and claim your own cooking station. Watch your English-speaking instructor in the kitchen as they show you the proper way to prepare each dish and then do what they do. Create your own Thai dishes and then when you’re done, sit down and enjoy eating them at the end of class.

Full Day Thai Farm Cooking School

learning about tropical herbs and vegetables in kitchen garden

This full day Thai cooking school includes:

  • Touring a fresh produce market to learn about local ingredients
  • Picking fresh herbs and vegetables at an organic farm
  • Learning how to cook five dishes plus sticky rice and curry paste
  • Eating your meal on a terrace overlooking a fish pond and farm

Experience the ultimate cooking class at Thai Farm Cooking School where you’ll have fun learning the secrets of making a home-cooked Thai meal. Whether this is your first time cooking or you know your way around a kitchen, join us for an entertaining and delicious experience on a Thai farm.  

This full day trip begins with a visit to a typical Thai produce market to explore the fruit and vegetable stalls. Then, continue with a scenic drive into the countryside to the cooking school and organic farm. Walk through the rows of fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables and enjoy gathering several fresh ingredients that will be used right in class.

Set yourself up at a cooking station with your own wok, apron, and other necessary cooking tools to prepare your chosen dishes. Then the fun begins! Everyone will make Thailand’s ubiquitous sticky rice and then choose a Thai soup, curry, noodle dish, stir-fry, and dessert to make. The menu changes and depends on which day you attend.

Then, once you’ve finished preparing your Thai meal, enjoy eating it on a terrace with a beautiful view of a fish pond, the organic farm, and the distant mountains. Be sure to grab a complimentary recipe book to remember your experience by and then return to your guesthouse or hotel in Chiang Mai.

Extra and Chiang Mai Night Market Food Tour

traditional thai dessert in banana leaf basket

This food tour to a night market includes:

  • Riding in a local red truck “songthaew” taxi
  • Visiting two different street food markets
  • Sampling sweet and savory snacks and Thailand’s famous dishes
  • Walking by temples, shops, and neighborhoods
  • Learning what’s safe to eat, how to order from food stalls, and how to eat it

Dying to eat the tasty food that surrounds you in Thai markets and from street stalls but don’t know where to start? Join us for a 2.5 to 3-hour evening Thai food tour and experience a delicious culinary journey of Chiang Mai’s food scene through the eyes of a local. We’ll show you the most delicious food stalls, food that safe to eat, how to place an order, and the proper way to eat it.

The evening begins with your English-speaking guide in the back of a red truck taxi, which is locally known as a “rod daeng” or “songthaew.” First, visit a buzzing street food market where vendors sell piping hot bowls of famous noodles, skewers of tasty vegetables and meat, and plates of popular stir-fries. Your guide will provide you with a small pamphlet that lists popular Thai dishes and how to order them in the Thai language. There’s a good chance you’ll sample a Thai omelet, grilled pork skewer, fried taro, Thai curry fish cake, and papaya salad while touring around.

After dining on several delectable snacks, your guide will lead you on a brief walk and tell you the secrets that makes Thailand’s street food so famous. Stop for a refreshing fresh fruit smoothie and then walk through a centuries-old neighborhood, by one of the most iconic temples in the city, and past other landmarks that glow in the evening lights.

After your stomach has settled, visit a second street food market. Be adventurous and nibble on Thailand’s spicy sausage or, better yet, crispy bugs! After taste testing a delicious variety of sweet and savory Thai snacks, return to your hotel or guesthouse in the back of a red truck “songthaew” taxi.

Want to get the inside scoop on how and where to order Thai street food?

Which Cooking Class In Chiang Mai Interests You The Most?

How would you rather experience Chiang Mai’s food scene – a cooking class or food tour?

Our cooking classes offer an excellent variety of half day classes (morning and evening) and full day classes to accommodate your traveling schedule. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn the secrets behind making one of the world’s tastiest cuisines. In addition to cooking and eating to your heart’s content, explore a fresh produce market, see how Thai herbs and vegetables grow, and take home a recipe book for a well-rounded experience.

On the other hand, you can wander through Chiang Mai’s street stalls with an enthusiastic guide who will teach you everything you need to know to find the best Thai snacks from local vendors. Plus, you’ll learn how to navigate the Old City using a red truck taxi.

Whichever you choose, let Bon Voyage Thailand help make your vacation unforgettable with a fun and delicious day eating Thai food in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Provided By The Cooking School

  • English-speaking instructor
  • Driver and transportation
  • Hotel transfer (within 3 kilometers of the Chiang Mai City Moat)
  • Market tour
  • All ingredients for cooking

Most cooking classes also provide you with an easy-to-follow recipe book that doubles as a souvenir. Also, some cooking classes allow children or non-cooking guests to come for a lower price.

Vegetarian-friendly Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai: customize your culinary experience

Whether you’re a committed vegetarian, interested in vegan options, or have special dietary restrictions, our Thai cooking classes in Chiang Mai have everything you need. Before your culinary adventure begins, just let’s know what your special dietary needs are. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our courses, where any classic Thai dish — from aromatic green curry to spicy tom yum soup — can be tailored to vegetarian or vegan preferences, without losing any of the authentic Thai flavors. Our experienced instructors are experts in plant-based alternatives and special cooking techniques, so you can enjoy the richness of Thai cuisine in a meat-free format. Join us and open up the diverse and comprehensive world of Thai cuisine!


Thailand has hot, humid weather much of the year because it’s a tropical country. However, Chiang Mai’s temperatures are somewhat lower than the central and southern areas of Thailand because it’s in the mountains of the northern part of the country.

Chiang Mai is cool in the months of December and January. There is a lot of rain between June and October. Since the rain showers usually last one to two hours each day during the wet season, your tour may pause briefly but then the schedule will continue as planned.

What To Wear

We recommend that visitors of all ages wear short-sleeved shirts and shorts to stay cool and comfortable. Loose fitting cotton clothing is perfect to wear for day tours and excursions. Since you will be handling hot liquids and using sharp and heavy cooking utensils and cookware, it is advised to wear closed-toe shoes.