Doi Inthanon National Park Tour

A day trip in Chiang Mai should have a few amazing sights, right? Well this trip has many. We start early, getting picked up from our hotel and walk into a van filled with others ready to explore Thailand. The guide speaks perfect English, and points out notable sights on the hour drive to Doi Inthanon National Park. It’s a beautiful start to our journey.

The park contains the highest mountain in the region, and it’s noticeably cooler in the park because of the elevation. Around us are birds and wildlife of all types. The breathtaking moment comes when the waterfalls first come into view. The cascades are surrounded by forest, and you can hear them before you see them. This park is truly one of the most beautiful in the world.

We travel on to see a village of the local Hill Tribe, these are the people with incredible clothes and jewelry. We stop to by local arts and crafts, and get ready for lunch: an amazing assortment of local Thai food (you can’t get this back home).

A short drive later we arrive at the King and Queen Pagodas to view the astonishing gardens, architecture and artwork. The King and Queen Pagodas are matching pagodas built to honor the king and queen’s 60th birthdays (one in 1987 and the other in 1992). Located in the high altitude, these buildings are surrounded by gardens, bridges that go over little bodies of water, religious shrines, and to complete the stop: a beautiful view from the top of the stairs of each pagoda.

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