Jungle Flight JF2 Experience

Is there anything as thrilling as soaring between the jungle trees? I don’t know! What I do know is this: If you’re adventurous, yearn for the sky and aren’t afraid to try something new during your vacation the Jungle Flight Plan JF2 is probably a trip that you need to take.

A group of friends and I decided to travel after graduating from university. We came up with a perfect plan: leave the night after commencement for Thailand and the surrounding countries and spend the next month having the time of our lives. The highlight of our entire trip throughout Asia was this moment: screaming at the top of my lungs, descending at a high speed from that first platform, friends cheering me on and my heart pumping.

One of our satisfied customers Lauren from ASA sent me his experience with our Jungle Flight day trip! Read his detailed story below.

To get to that moment, we started early. A van picked us up from the hotel at 6 in the morning, and took us to basecamp. We learned all about zipline safety, and got put into our harnesses. My heart was already racing before we started our trek into the jungle. The jungle, we learned from our guide, was purported to be the home of the spirits and the giant trees are centuries-old Yang trees. The Thai locals revere the trees and also get wood and rubber from them. Some of the trees even had colorful sashes tied around them as offerings from the locals.

When we arrived at the first platform, I volunteered to be the guinea pig. And as I stepped, or kinda jumped, off it and into the open air I marveled at the green majesty that surrounded me. We zip lined, climbed, and trekked between more than 20 platforms. And when we finished, we were greeted with a delicious Thai meal. All in all, it was the best food (post-exhilaration food is always the best) and the best trip we had during our vacation.

Have a wonderful day like lauren with the Chiang Mai Tour Jungle Flight JF2