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Spicy Fish Sauce – Nam Pla Prik

Spicy Fish Sauce

Few things compliment Thai food like Nam Pla Prik, the classic condiment you will see on almost every Thai table, whether at home or in a restaurant.It’s a spicy fish sauce that you can put on just about any dish!

Thais use Nam-Pla Prik the same way Americans use salt – on everything! The delicious liquid gets its distinctive taste from garlic infused fish and ground chilies. You can make anything taste spicy and delicious with Nam Pla Prik – even plain steamed rice will rock your world with this spicy fish sauce. It’s no surprise that it’s on every table. Try this Thai condiment the next time you dine, your palate will thank you!

Nam Pla Prik (น้ำปลาพริก)