Jungle Adventure & Homestays in Chiang Mai


One of the most unique ways to explore Thailand is by treating yourself to a guided tour. Bon Voyage Thailand specializes in sustainable tourism and welcomes you to discover Thai life through our amazing organized activities, hilltribe packages and homestays in Chiang Mai. Familiarize yourself with the beauty and serenity of northern Thailand’s landscape and culture with these three handpicked adventures featured in the Chiang Mai Eco Tours and Lodge collection.

Khum Lanna Thai Country Living

Dive into Thailand’s fertile countryside and food culture with the Khum Lanna Thai Country Living tour. This three-day, two-night excursion blends education with adventure as you explore the northern region of Thailand.

Explore lush rice fields and organic vegetable and herb gardens. Enjoy a shopping expedition at a local Thai market and witness the incredible variety of Thai produce and its health benefits. You will be guided by a local chef in preparing some of Thailand’s popular dishes from scratch including the ubiquitous sticky rice.

Explore an ancient city and several temples, one of which contains a revered relic of Buddha. Give merit to monks at a local temple and during an early morning procession along a town’s quiet streets.

Customize an afternoon by embarking on one of the following activities: a guided countryside bicycle tour, a fruit and vegetable carving class, a relaxing herbal bath, or a therapeutic hot compress massage.

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Lisu Lodge Experience

The Lisu Lodge Experience packs tons of culture in a two-day tour of Northern Thailand and focuses on the history of its Lisu and Akha hill tribes.

Highlights of this trip include speaking with a village’s shaman about the medicinal properties of Thai herbs. Following this is a trip to the local cultural center detailing the daily life of the Lisu and Akha hill tribes and their unique style of dress, tools, and crafts. In the evening, relax and enjoy a traditional Thai dinner and the entertainment of the Lisu folk dance.

This tour also offers an afternoon of customization from which you can participate in one of the following events: a guided bike tour, a relaxing steam bath, a therapeutic massage, or an exploratory oxcart ride through a village and its orchards.

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Lisu Lodge and Khum Lanna Soft Adventure

The Lisu Lodge and Khum Lanna Soft Adventure package combines the best from the above tours in a fusion of enchanting culture, energetic pursuits, and delicious food across three days and two nights.

Visit a cultural center that explores the daily lives of the Lisu and Akha hill tribe people. Lay eyes on the artwork inside a famous Buddhist temple and give alms to monks, who are easily recognizable by their shaved heads and orange robes. Spend an evening experiencing a traditional Lisu hill tribe dance and dinner.

Learn about the makings of Thai cuisine while biking through lush rice fields and organic gardens, shopping at Thai markets, and participating in two cooking classes lead by a local chef. Enjoy nature with an easygoing bike tour and a rafting expedition down the Mae Tang River.

There will be opportunities to customize two afternoons of your trip with activities such as massages, steam baths, guided oxcart or biking tours, or fruit carving.

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These packages include all above mentioned activities, a knowledgeable English speaking guide, simple overnight accommodations, and meals in the total price.

Simply relax and leave the planning to the experts at Bon Voyage Thailand! We will ensure that you’ll have an unforgettable trip in Thailand’s beautiful countryside.