Chiang Dao Cave

Chiang Dao Cave

Do you want a close look at Thailand’s people and culture? This tour is perfect for you. Join us to meet five local tribes from Northern Thailand and Myanmar as well as see important cultural locations: the Chiang Dao Cave and the Chiang Dao Temple.

Our day trip starts around 8 AM, when we pick you up from your hotel. We drive north a little more than an hour through scenic mountain roads. The trip starts with a visit to the Chiang Dao Cave, a natural landmark with kilometers of dark, stalactite tunnels. Look for beautiful formations of limestone that are almost crystal-like. Also, see wonderful Buddhist sculptures during a visit to a Chiang Dao temple.

We visit an orchid farm to see a diverse array of flowers and how they grow. Next we move on to the hill tribe village of the Big Earring Karen and Long Neck Karen. The Karen people are known for their distinctive jewelry: women wear golden rings that elongate their necks and large earrings to make their ears bigger. These people are native to Myanmar (Burma), but are refugees in Thailand. You can buy a number of products from the villagers.

We also visit the Lisu Hill Tribe village, descendants of Tibetan tribes who settled in Thailand. The villagers wear colorful clothing and make a living from handicrafts and farming. Similarly, the Akha Hill Tribe, which we visit, are also farmers and hunters who have come to Thailand in the recent past from other nearby countries. The Akha are known for their bright, indigo-dyed clothing. A Thai lunch is provided, using local foods to make delicious dishes.

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