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Where to Stay in Chiang Mai

Although Chiang Mai is a relatively small city in Northern Thailand, it’s home to many different neighborhoods that have their own unique vibe. This city also offers a fantastic range of different types of accommodations including hostels, boutique guesthouses, and international brand hotels available at every price range. Not sure what part of Chiang Mai you should stay in?

Old City

This is the heart of Chiang Mai! It’s easily identified by the tree-lined moat that surrounds its square borders. Here you’ll find many boutique guesthouses, massage shops, and Thai restaurants. In this part of town, it’s easy to hail a songthaew (red truck taxis that locals use) or walk around.


This area of Chiang Mai, which locals call ‘Nimman,’ is home to funky hotels, chic cafés, Thai and international restaurants, and lots of boutique shops. It also has a lively nightlife thanks to the many craft beer bars, music venues, and dance clubs that line its streets.

Night Bazaar

As the name implies, this area is where the evening Night Bazaar sets up, which is located east of the Old City. In addition to shopping, there are many bars, Thai restaurants, and high-rise hotels.


Enjoy a peaceful stay at a waterfront hotel or resort overlooking the Ping River. You can also find several great restaurants, boutique shopping, and scenic walkways along the water.

Outside of Town

If you want total privacy, transport yourself to a tropical oasis in the quiet hills surrounding Chiang Mai. Popular areas include Mae Rim (north), Hang Dong (south), Suthep (west), and San Kamphaeng (east).

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