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Thai Language

Thai is a particular language, its origin remains unexplained and experts are divided on this issue. Some make it a separate language, more akin to the Sino-Tibetan group. Over the centuries Thai has borrowed words in different languages of the peoples they encountered: Chinese, Burmese, Malay, Khmer, Indian.

You’ll be able to make yourself understood in English, at least in all tourist areas. However once you leave the beaten track, a few words of Thai delight your audience. This will facilitate contacts with the public and will sometimes unexpected friendships. The effort to learn some words in Thai’s definitely worth the interaction with the public will only be more rich and exciting.

Of course, your first attempts will probably only limited success but the laughs that will generate your efforts result mainly encouragement and you will often say that you are very clever. Thais are proud of their language, their country, show that you are interested in Thai often earn you respect and differentiate yourself from other tourists.

Karaoke Thai English
Sa Wat Dii Ka/ Krap สวัสดี Hello/ Good Day
Ka คะ/ ค่ะ Polite particle (female)
Krap ครับ Polite particle (male)
Sabaai Dii สบายดี Fine
Dii ดี Good/ Well
Mai ไม่ No/ Not
Aroi อร่อย Delicious
Maak มาก Very/ A lot
Nid Noi นิดหน่อย A little bit
Aroi Maak อร่อยมาก Very delicious
Pet เผ็ด Spicy
Mai Pet ไม่เผ็ด Not spicy
Ron ร้อน Hot
Sa Nuk สนุก Fun
Suay สวย Beautiful
Lor หล่อ Handsome