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  • Patara Elephant Farm
  • Patara Elephant Farm
  • Patara Elephant Farm
  • Patara Elephant Farm
  • Patara Elephant Farm
  • Patara Elephant Farm
  • Patara Elephant Farm
  • Patara Elephant Farm

Patara Elephant Farm

฿5,800 /adult


Elephant Owner for a day

A Unique Experience

Have a truly unique experience by getting up close and personal with elephants, and learning how to take care of these gentle giants. You become an “Elephant Owner for a Day” during this outing – you’ll learn how to approach your elephant, how to gauge the animals’ feelings, you’ll feed and bathe your elephant. You’ll also learn how to ride the elephant and give it simple commands. Enjoy the beauty of nature when you take your elephant out to visit waterfalls or temples. This outing is centered around getting your elephant to trust you and building a relationship with the elephant. It’s sure to be the most memorable part of your vacation at Patara Elephant Farm.

General knowledge and background

  • Recognize the differences in the species of elephants
  • Learn about the Thai elephant as sub-species of Asian Elephant
  • Learn the background of the domestic elephant in Thailand
  • Learn what makes the elephant so important for Thailand
  • Learn why elephants are still domesticated in Thailand
  • Learn about the place of the elephant in Buddhism and Thai beliefs surrounding the animal
  • Hear about the situation of domestic elephant vs. wild elephants throughout the region
  • Learn about Patara Elephant Farm’s mission and conservation philosophy
  • Spend some personal time with several of the elephants

Breeding program

Including detecting when females are in heat, mating management, pregnancy care, pregnancy follow up, the delivery of elephant young, and taking care of the new baby elephants.

Training includes

  • Farm management
  • Trainers’ tasks
  • Elephant tracking
  • How to approach and conduct yourself around elephants
  • Feeding your elephant and dispensing herbal medication
  • Elephant anatomy, life cycle, and daily life of domestic elephant
  • Daily health care
  • Trunk inspection
  • Elephant age estimation
  • Observing the differences between ordinary and special elephants
  • Gauging elephant moods (important)
  • Dos and don’ts for elephant
  • Interpreting Elephant’s body languages and communications
  • Creating a relationship of respectfulness with elephants
  • Bathing and brushing elephant in the river
  • Chain and unchain technique
  • Spoken commands for elephant
  • Basic and advanced riding skills
  • How to make elephants happy

Fun activities

  • Elephant feeding, bathing, and brushing
  • Water combat with your elephant
  • Riding your own elephant
  • Score hunting while riding (you command your elephant to perform tricks, like spraying water on the competition)
  • Pick up rubbish from trail or making sound to greet people
  • Scenic ride to waterfall
  • Eating a picnic lunch
  • Swimming with your elephant
  • Many photo opportunities with your elephants

Additional Informations

  • This is a Join in Group Tour, approximately 12 persons.
  • Tour operated by our Tour Operator Partner.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Complimentary pickup and drop-off is included for hotels and guesthouses within a 3-kilometer radius of Chiang Mai Old City. If you are out of town, please make arrangements to meet us in the city at a predetermined meeting point.

Cancellation Policy

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