Mountain Biking

What should I bring on this outing?

Always wear a helmet that fits snugly

Full-finger gloves, long pants and sweatshirt can prevent further scratches.

Knee and Elbow pads are optional but offer further protection.

If available, mountain biking shoes afford additional arch support and the relatively stiff sole makes for easier energy transfer.

The shoes you wear should be good for walking with a non-slip sole if possible. Wear tennis, hiking or sport shoes. Sandals or slippers are not suitable.

Eyewear in some cases is helpful to keep bugs and the occasional bush out of your eyes. Clear glasses are best in forest riding conditions, sunglasses may be too dark to make out the exact

contour of the ground.

A light raincoat for wet and cooler conditions in Thailand is needed only during the rainy season for longer trips.

A small Daypack to hold all your belongings. No messenger bags.

Am I fit enough to participate?

To participate, you should be in good riding shape as well as pretty experienced and comfortable with mountain biking. Try to limit drinking the night before this trip, and eat some fast energy carbohydrates before we start.