City Tour and Temples

Do tours have dress codes?

For tours that visit sacred or religious places, women must wear a long skirt or pants to gain entrance. Tourists wearing capri length pants can sometimes be turned away. Tank tops are not allowed – all visitors must have shoulders covered to enter.

Do I really have to take off my shoes?

Yes. Local Thais take off their shoes before entering a temple or any sacred place, and we follow that as common courtesy and because it is tradition.

Is there else about temple visit that I need to know?

Yes, please do not forget to remove footwear upon entering a temple. Also pay attention to other dress code items that individual temples might have: some do not allow certain things like leather within the temple. Dress properly for visiting a sacred location: no shoulder-baring tank tops, short dresses, or short pants. Dress appropriately as if you were visiting a church.