Chiang Rai - Golden Triangle and visit to Long Neck Karen tribe

  • The Golden Triangle also goes to the Laos border. Do we need visa to visit Laos ?

    You do not need any visa on this trip. There is an entrance fee, but it is only 30 baht/ person.

  • Where do we visit during our trip on the Mekong ?

    When we visit the Golden Triangle, we will also take a boat trip on the Mekong to see Don Sao, Laos. Here we will sightsee and visit a Laotian market.

  • Can you drop me off in Chiang Rai city at the end of the tour ?

    We can only drop you off at Chiangrai Night Bazaar.

  • Can we start the tour from Chiang Rai ?

    For a group join-in tour, we start the tour from Chiang Mai. Please contact us for private tour possibilities.