Chiang Mai

  • A Thailand Packing List for All Three Seasons

    Thailand tends to have three seasons - check out this Thailand packing list to make sure you’re prepared for each!
  • Tour Spotlight: 1-Day Chiang Mai Elephant Safari and Long Neck Hill Tribe Village

    During our 1-Day Elephant Safari & Long Neck Hill Tribe Village tour, you'll discover captivating places, connect with locals & create lifelong memories.
  • What to Do in Chiang Mai After Dark

    Wondering what to do in Chiang Mai after the sun goes down? Read on for some of our favorite activities, from muay Thai fights to floating down the river.
  • Our Best Thailand Travel Tips

    It’s no secret we love showing travelers around Chiang Mai and have now rounded up some of our favorite posts featuring our best Thailand travel tips.
  • Jungle Adventure & Homestays in Chiang Mai

    Explore the Northern Thai hills with these unique tours, excursions and homestays in Chiang Mai.
  • Discovering Northern Thailand: What to Do in Chiang Rai

    Wondering what to do in Chiang Rai? We highlight some of our favorite destinations in this northern Thai city.
  • All about Thai massage

    Ancient therapy practiced in Thailand, Thai massage combines different techniques to improve blood circulation, flexibility of the body and cause relaxation. It also aims to promote the harmony of body and mind by releasing body tension and rebalancing the vital energy.
  • Discovering Chiang Mai Markets

    Chiang Mai would not be the same without its markets... By quietly strolling the streets of the city you will certainly come across one of the small neighborhood markets where you can experience the real life of the people of northern Thailand. However, if you prefer to go to one of the largest markets in the city, follow us!
  • History of the city of Chiang Mai

    Founded in the thirteenth century by King Mengrai, Chiang Mai quickly became the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Although protected by an imposing wall and a moat, the city has suffered several attacks by the Burmese and Thai from the kingdom of Ayutthaya.
  • Check out the catfishes in Thailand!

    Fishing in Northern Thailand is an absolutely amazing experience that all anglers should be able to experience at least once in their lives.
  • Chiang Mai One Day Trip - Rose of the North

    If you want to get to know Chiang Mai in a fun and quick way, our one day package is for you! You’ll get to try some different foods, see noteworthy cultural places and shows, and, of course, see the elephants. And you can do this all in one day!
  • 10 Things to Do in Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai has so many different activities to offer, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed! But fear not, here’s an easy list with suggestions for every type of tourist - from the historian, to the shopaholic, to the nature lover. There’s a great outing in store for you all in northern Thailand’s cultural epicenter.
  • Top 4 Thai Salads

    If you want to eat light while traveling through Thailand, you’ll be delighted at the amount of salads available to you. Here’s the top 4: Number 1 Som Tam – Green Papaya Salad, Number 2 Yam Mamuang – Green Mango Salad, Number 3 Thai Cucumber Salad, Number 4 Pomelo Salad – Thai Grapefruit Salad
  • How To - Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang by Slow Boat

    So many tourists use Chiang Mai as a jumping off point to explore the expanse of Asia that surrounds the region, from Chiang Mai the most popular destination is Luang Prabang Laos. The border town of Chiang Kong, where travelers go through immigration, is a short four-hour drive from Chiang Mai, and luckily for those explorers, we offer a service that makes your international travel a breeze.
  • Chiang Mai Songkran Festival

    Ah, the Buddhist New Year. It’s a great time to renew your spirit, cleanse your soul, and douse your friends with water from a super soaker or bucket. If you find yourself in Thailand on April 13th,you’re probably going to get wet – and that’s all part of the fun of Songkran, the Buddhist celebration of the New Year.

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