All about Thai massage

Chiang Mai Thai Massage

Ancient therapy practiced in Thailand, Thai massage combines different techniques to improve blood circulation, flexibility of the body and cause relaxation. It also aims to promote the harmony of body and mind by releasing body tension and rebalancing the vital energy. Very different from other massage techniques, including Chinese and Swedish, Thai massage is practiced on a mattress on the floor, usually in a comfortable fit. The sessions last two hours on average and affect the entire body.

Massage techniques

Based on the theory of energy lines, Thai massage combines different techniques such as foot reflexology, kneading, stretching, yoga or acupressure. All these techniques are designed to unlock the energy lines in the event of a physical problem.

There are two Thai massage schools : the school of the Court one and the school of the people. In the former, only the thumbs are used, while in the latter, knees, elbows and feet may also come into play.

Sometimes called "lazy yoga", Thai massage is indeed characterized by a very important use of passive stretching, in which the masseur is responsible to stretch the muscles of the patient to release tension and unblock the energy lines.

The benefits of Thai massage

Practiced both in a preventive and therapeutic manner, Thai massage is very effective in treating blood circulation problems, joint pain, general fatigue, headache and even anxiety. Indeed, this comprehensive massage provides total wellness for the whole body and helps to free the mind of negative thoughts and tension.

Thai massage is for everyone, regardless of age, size, weight and physical condition. Before starting the massage, the therapist always asks some questions to the patient in order to know his background and avoid some counter-productive movements (especially in case of blood pressure problems.

Learning Thai massage

Enjoy your stay in Thailand and discover this ancient art by following an introductory course in Thai massage. Many schools offer training but we recommend you choose a school receiving accreditation from the Ministry of Health Thais to be sure to follow quality courses and benefit from professional coaching.

Most schools offer either "express" courses on some days, and much more complete courses over several weeks.

For more information about Thai massage and introductory courses, please contact our partner now: Sabai De Ka