Do You Need a Visa for Thailand?

Thailand Visas

Are There Visa Requirements To Enter Thailand?
I often get asked, “Do I need a visa to enter Thailand?”  International travel is always a little confusing, and Thailand’s visa rules are no exception – and they always seem to be changing! Here are some thoughts on this question:

You have two options to start your trip to Thailand:

  • You can arrive into the country by air, and then receive a free, “visa waiver,” which is good for 30 days and can even be extended by ten days sometime during your trip. If you enter the country via land, this visa option is only good for 15 days. Not every nations’ citizens qualify for this visa.
  • You can apply for a visa via the Thai consulate in your home country, before your travels begin.

Important change: Visa Runs
In years past, travelers were allowed to indefinitely travel throughout Thailand without prior arrangements by getting a visa waiver, and crossing the border every thirty days for a new entry stamp. However, now you are only allowed to do this three times in a six month period. After your time is up, you must get a visa or leave the country for at least six months. This means, you can only stay in Thailand for 90 days without a proper visa– and the next time you try to enter the country you won’t be able to do so unless it has been three months since your last visit. Get more information because the rules change often

Important To Know: Don’t Overstay Your Visa!
Even overstaying your visa by a few hours can cost you money in fines, or worse. Get a visa extension if you’d like to have a longer visit, don’t risk being caught with an expired visa.

While you might hear from other travelers that all you have to do if you want to overstay your visa is pay a fine of 500 baht per day – don’t listen to them. It is true that you will be fined when you arrive at the airport or border with your expired visa, but if you are found in other places with the expired visa, you can be arrested and taken to an Immigration Detention Centre! This place has a grim reputation, and Amnesty International has long tried to have it closed. You can guess why, For more information, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand

Applying for Your Visa
If you would like to visit Thailand, apply for a visa with the Thai Embassy or Consulate-General in your country. To get details, visit

What documents do I need to enter Thailand?
A foreign citizen needs a valid passport or travel document accepted by the Royal Thai Government.

What goods are prohibited or restricted to bring into Thailand?
You are allowed to enter Thailand with items that are worth up to 10000 baht if:

  • the items are intended for your own personal or professional uses;
  • the quantity of items is reasonable amount for yourself
  • the items are not restricted or prohibited in Thailand. The customs amounts for alcohol and tobacco are very specific: 200 cigarettes or 250 of tobacco along with 1 liter of alcohol. Motor vehicles and car parts are not counted as person effects.

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