Elephant and Zipline Tour

Elephant Zipline Package Chiang Mai

If you want to make memories that will last forever during your trip to Thailand, then you can’t do any better than zipping through the jungle and riding elephants. It’s a unique journey that can only be done a few places in the entire world, and Chiang Mai is one of them.

This tour, The Elephant and Zipline Package hosted by Bon Voyage Thailand, is a thrilling one of a kind adventure. We start the day by visiting elephants at a camp near the city called Maesa Elephant Camp. We watch the gentle giants bathe, perform music, and even play football. You cannot imagine how beautiful the creatures can be, and the art they can create. They are some of the smartest animals on the planet, and you’ll definitely be able to tell during our visit. We’ll even be able to view paintings that the elephants have created, and see some live elephant painting.

After our elephant adventure, we will stop at an orchid farm and take in the beauty of nature in this tropical region. But the action begins again at the zip line course. The course is made up of platforms that allow you to take off down the zip line at crazy fast speeds. You will be well-versed in safety precautions and dressed in safety gear before we start the thrills of the zip line.

When you step up to that first platform, your heart will be racing. But you will jump off and glide through the jungle, and you will quickly turn from scared to elated. Laugh and yell while rapidly approaching the next platform. From your platform, take in the beauty of nature that surrounds you – trees, jungle noises, the Mae Ram River looking so tiny from this far up in the trees. Then watch as your friends descend to join you. The course has a total of seven lines, each with two accompanying platforms.

This package is best enjoyed in groups and there is a two person minimum. The adventure is run with the intention of being eco-friendly for both the environment and local people, in cooperation with Livelihood Conservation Group in Baan Wang Hang, Maeram.