Chiang Mai Songkran Festival

Chiang Mai Songkran Festival Tuk Tuk

Ah, the Buddhist New Year. It’s a great time to renew your spirit, cleanse your soul, and douse your friends with water from a super soaker or bucket.

If you find yourself in Thailand on April 13th,you’re probably going to get wet – and that’s all part of the fun of Songkran, the Buddhist celebration of the New Year.

Everyone comes together to celebrate by soaking their way through a crowd. Hoses, super soakers, buckets and more are used to douse strangers and friends. You’ll definitely get caught in the crossfire, so don’t try to stay even a little dry. Children are often lying in wait to find people who aren’t yet completely saturated. And if you already are going to get wet, you may as well join the crowd and the fun by finding yourself a water gun.

So what is the significance of these watery festivities? The New Year means starting fresh and clean – washing away the last year with tons of water! The tradition has evolved from a Buddhist one that has a long history in Thailand. Celebrants formerly used water to wish good luck and bless others by pouring the water calmly over each other’s shoulders. Even today, people still sprinkle Buddha statues in order to purify them and to gain a prosperous new year. These are both a far cry from the madness that goes on today. Buddha statues from local temples are taken though the crowd and doused with huge amounts of water, just like the rest of the people celebrating Songkran.

Where To Enjoy The Festivities In Chiang Mai

The best place to stay during Songkran is definitely Chiang Mai, the cultural capital of the North. A huge number of people flock to the city to celebrate with a party atmosphere, and of course, lots of water. Trucks filled with water-carrying partyers orbit the moat and soak anyone who is within reach. If they want to really add a purifying effect, or just some more fun to their soaking routine, they’ll have ice cold water for dousing. The town is filled with music coming from bars, the crowd is adorned in their brightest clothing, and the whole city joins in the party. Chiang Mai is where you want to be to have the most fun possible.

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