Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

Take A Walk On The Wild Side at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai

Whether you love big cats or you just want a dose of excitement, you won’t be disappointed when you pay a visit to the Tiger Kingdom. You can get up close and personal with dozens of tigers, pet a big cat or cub, take photos, and explore the beauty of nature – all without leaving Chiang Mai.

The Tiger Kingdom is a packaged-style tourist attraction where you can customize the tiger experience you’d like by choosing which tigers you want to play with. The Tiger Kingdom campus is located in the about a half hour outside of Chiang Mai, in a town called Mae Rim. Tiger Kingdom has a restaurant that caters to both Western/International and Thai tastes – best of all, you can see the tigers while you are enjoying your meal. The restaurant serves a delicious buffet-style lunch between 11 and 14:30, so come hungry.

The Wild Bunch

Indochinese tigers are becoming a rare sight – victims of poaching, lack of food due to the hunting of their traditional prey, and the loss of their habitat. Luckily, tourist visiting Thailand can take a peek at the rare cat. The young tiger cubs are active and welcome the attention from visitors – you can play with the cubs, pet them, and you might even get a chance to wash one if you’re lucky. Tiger feedings happen a few times in the afternoon: watch and enjoy the tigers as they devour the special diet developed by their caretakers.

To customize your visit, you can choose which tigers you’d like to get up close and personal with. There are even two different categories of cubs to choose from: new borns – which are 2 to 3 months old, and small tigers, which are 4 to 8 months old. The remaining categories are medium, 9-12 month old cats, and big cats, which are the adult tigers. The cats are in large enclosures, but are never drugged or chained. And you will always be accompanied by a tiger handler, for your safety. A few tourists at a time are allowed to enter the tigers’ enclosure, and approach them from the back for petting, playing, and pictures.

Handlers of the cats can read the tigers’ moods. They know when a tiger does not want to be paraded near tourists, and when the tiger will be happy to cater to photo opportunities. Follow their rules, and you’ll have a great and safe trip to Tiger Kingdom. It is a powerful feeling to have the ability to reach out and touch one of the mightiest creatures on land. To have a tiger’s head rest in your lap, or to be able to pet the belly of the best, is magical.

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