1 Day Elephant Mahout Training

Getting up close and personal with elephants is usually on every Thailand tourist’s wish list. And with this day outing, you get closer to these giant beauties than you probably expected. Learn to interact and control the pachyderms, in a fun and safe environment.

The day starts at 8:30 when we pick you up from your hotel and take you to an elephant training center. For the better part of the morning, experienced Mahouts, or elephant trainers, will share their skills with you. You’ll learn all about elephants, including how to ride and guide the big creatures, as well as how to take care of them! We’ll take a break for a traditional Thai lunch before we get back to the elephants.

In the afternoon, you will put all your new knowledge into action. You’ll ride your elephant though the jungle, with control and grace. Then you will lead your elephant down to the water where you will give him (or her!) a bath, take some photos, and just splash around and have fun with the animal. Don’t forget to bring a towel! You’ll also need some extra clothes for after your river, and some bug repellant.

After your elephant experience, we’ll return to the camp to relax and have some light refreshments before dropping you off at your hotel.