Learn to Cook Thai Food

Do you love Thai food? The intoxicating smells, the delicious spices, the tasty, filling meals? Chances are, you’ve wondered how to make your favorite Thai meals at home. What better souvenir to bring back to your friends and family then the tasty knowledge offered on this popular excursion into Thai kitchens.

We pick you up from your hotel around 9 AM, and take you to a Thai cooking school where you can learn the basics of Thai cooking in a traditional setting. The class makes cooking fun, and the teachers are friendly and will help you to achieve your cooking goals. You don’t sit back and watch, you get a hands on course that focuses on an individual dish.

We start with jasmine rice: everyone learns how to correctly make rice. Then each person picks a soup, an appetizer, a stir fry, curries, and a dessert from a menu to make a meal. If you don’t see your favorite food on the menu, let us know and we can teach you the recipe. We can also make any meal vegan or vegetarian.

When the meals are all prepared, we sit down together to eat. You and your fellow cooking students get to eat the food you cooked – a tasty treat! And don’t worry about forgetting how to concoct the dishes your learned about because we send a cookbook home with you.

Learn to cook thai food during your holiday