Elephant Safari Tour

What’s the point of traveling to Thailand if you don’t get some quality time with elephants? The elephants in the Chiang Mai region of Thailand are the great Indian elephants, known for their gentleness in interacting with humans and other animals. The huge mammals can grow up to 3.5 M tall, and can weigh nearly 5,000 KG. And you, if you so choose, can hang out with these awesome creatures.

With our Elephant Safari day trip, you get to know these elephants in their natural habitat: the jungle. We pick you up in the morning from your hotel and take you into the jungle. Begin your outing with an elephant show where you get to see trained elephants playing with water, painting pictures, and interacting with you and your fellow audience members. Then take a 45 minute elephant ride in the jungle.

We visit a hill tribe village to take a look at local arts and crafts and learn about the Chiang Mai culture. Also on this trip is a chance to ride on oxcarts, as well as do some river rafting on traditional bamboo rafts. For lunch, there is a buffet of Thai food – with many delicious, traditional dishes so there’s something for everyone.

A truly special part of this outing is the orchid and butterfly farm. Experience nature up close during this part of the tour: butterfly species differ depending on the season, but every time of year has amazing species to behold. Take in the variety of orchids – rare beauties that grow especially well in Thailand.

After a day of great food, beautiful sights, and best of all, elephants we take you home to your hotel in time for dinner.

Chiang Mai Elephant Safari Tour