Muay Thai - Fight Night

Muay Thai is growing in popularity, so it’s no wonder that we offer a day outing that surrounds this fun sport. Muay Thai is a martial that focuses on mental and physical discipline, and uses not only fists and feet, but also elbows, knees and shins. It’s an older Thai sport, but has recently gained popularity worldwide – which makes this a perfect time to watch Muay Thai fighters in action.

For our Muay Thai outing, you must make your way to the International Thapae Boxing Stadium, though we will deliver your tickets to your hotel. At the stadium, you’ll start by seeing the warm up routine of the fighters. It’s called Ram Wai Kru, a boxing dance that allows them to stretch and warm the muscles.

Watch the fight from your King VIP seat. See the beauty and danger together with the trained fighters of Thailand – though you may see a local take on a westerner. Every bout is an exciting one! You can even place bets on each round if you are in a betting mood.

There are alcoholic beverages available at the bars within the stadium. And if you need a cab or tuk tuk to get back to your hotel, you can easily find one after the night concludes in front of the stadium. The night outing lasts from 9 until around midnight.