Mae Ping River Cruise in Chiang Mai

There is nothing like being surrounded by the natural beauty of Thailand while floating calmly down river. This two hour outing is definitely worth taking advantage of – see the green countryside from a flat, covered boat. Watch closely for local wildlife, rural villages, and traditional teak houses.

We pick you up for your scheduled tour from your hotel, and take you to the Ping River. The Ping is a tributary of the Chao Phraya River and passes through the town of Chiang Mai. You and your travelling buddies hop aboard one of our river cruisers – a flat-bottomed boat with tables to sit at and a shade to protect you from the sun.

After traveling down the river, we stop at a local farmer’s house. There we will try an amazing array of Thai fruit, and drink refreshing herbal teas. It’s a great stop, and you can learn a lot about the local food production of the region.

Watch as farmers cultivate jasmine rice, a staple food of many Thai people and the base of many dishes. Our day trippers also get to learn about different herbs. You’ll get demonstrations on how to use herbs in cooking and in medicine from our local friends.

When we are done with our stop, we get back on our boat and glide on home. These tours take around two hours, leave every thirty minutes and can be scheduled anytime during the day. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the countryside of Thailand from a serene setting. Let's cruise with us.