A Fun Day - Elephant Training

Why bother traveling to Thailand if you don’t get to jump right into elephant training? Or at least get some up close and personal time with the large, friendly animals.

On this day trip, we get to not only see the big beauties, but interact with them – a lot. The day starts with a pick up around 8 AM from the hotel, and after a bit of driving, you end up in a jungle habitat working with a group of elephants and their trainers. Learn some basics of elephant training, such as giving commands, making herbal medicine for your elephant and bathing the pachyderms. For lunch, we prepare a “jungle salad” from the many edible plants around us.

We even take a trek into the jungle with our new elephant friends! We teach you riding positions so you can go for an elephant ride in to the jungle, high on the backs of the friendly creatures. You can ride the elephants, or just sit back and watch if you aren’t feeling like getting quite that high off the ground. The surroundings are naturally beautiful, with native plants and animals everywhere. Perfect for some exotic family photos!

Learn to bathe your elephant, and swim in the river yourself if you want to cool down too! To get back to our starting location, everyone heads onto rafts for a fun water trip down the river.

Be forewarned: you’re going to need a some bug spray in the jungle, and depending on the time of year either a hat for sun protection or a sweater to keep warm.

The day trip is definitely a once in a lifetime event, and perfect for the whole family. It’s fun, hands-on, and a unique perk of being in Chiang Mai. Read more details about this trip.