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Popular Areas in Bangkok

Take a journey into the past on your next visit to Bangkok. View the old shops that line the street of Silom Road, an area that was once bustling with trade. Now this area is a banking center, but also has a role in the jewelry and gem trade. When the sun sets, Silom Road becomes a hot spot for nightlife.

Another popular place to visit is Sukhumvit Road. Over time, this area has become a city center of sorts, with many packed streets that contain restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, and businesses. After sunset, this area takes on a new life as a night market.

If you are coming to Bangkok to do some shopping, you’ll want to visit Siam Square. Here you’ll find almost anything you need at Paragon, the largest shopping mall in Asia. Luxury brands are everywhere, so bring some real spending money. Nearby you will find the Siam Center along with Siam Discovery, located next to a widely used train station, the BTS or Siam Skytrain. This is the only station where you can transfer between the Sukhumvit and Silom trains, so if you are visiting all three chances are you will stop here!

Visiting Chinatown, in the Rattanakosin district of Bangkok, you will notice the old town which has built up around the “Giant Swing,” which is one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions. This area is heavily trafficked, and it’s easiest to get to via a river taxi during the day. The trip will be worth it – you’ll love the busy markets, the plentiful restaurants, jewelry shops, hotels, and much more, all in a tangle of streets waiting to be discovered.

If you’re traveling to Bangkok on a budget backpacking trip, you’ll be pleased with Khao San Road. Guesthouses and more affordable hotels are plentiful, and host many young backpackers throughout the year. It’s a great place to catch a bus or tour to your next destination.