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About Bangkok

Bangkok is not only the capital of Thailand, it also the most populous and prosperous part of the region. It is a center of the Thai economy, and a huge tourist attraction that caters to travelers from across the globe. The city is a beautiful place; an amalgam of different cultures, art, traditions, religions, and of course food! Bangkok has been called home by many different peoples, and that is reflected in the city itself.

Although Bangkok is a thoroughly modern city, it still has several corners where people continue to practice age old traditions that have been passed down generation after generation. Many cultures call Bangkok home, and it has made this modern city a diverse and wonderful place to visit. Bangkok has retained its history while embracing the future, and has kept the lifestyle and culture of local people while courting tourists from every corner of the globe.

At Bon Voyage Thailand, our hope is that you will see all the aspects that Bangkok, City of Angels, has to offer.